Community Clean Up Program



One of the most important aspects of ECOSLO’s work is keeping our community clean. In addition to our regularly scheduled cleanups of beaches and parks throughout the county, we now invite others to join the effort. If you are interested in hosting your own cleanup within SLO County but lack the supplies, look no further, ECOSLO is here to help.

To plan a cleanup just pick a day, get some volunteers, select a site and let ECOSLO know of your plans. We will send you supplies on a first come, first served basis and these supplies include 5 gallon buckets, grabbers, safety tips, and any other supplies that we might have to support the cleanup. We will fill every order to the best of our ability depending on quantities available.

Please try to give us 10 business days to get your supplies to you. You may also arrange to pick up your supplies at our office in San Luis Obispo.

Suggested Donation Amount: $TBD

For more information or to reserve your supplies, please contact the ECOSLO office at (805) 544-1777 or email