Community Work Service Program

For over 30 years, ECOSLO has contracted with the San Luis Obispo’s Superior Court’s Community Service Worker (CSW) Program.  This program allows people to work off fines for minor, non-violent offenses (traffic violations, minor misdemeanors) rather than paying the court balance.  The program provides an opportunity to community members to learn new skills and develop a sense of caring about their community.  The community, in turn, receives a valuable benefit of volunteer labor to complete environmental and social service projects.  CSWs also provide a means of reparations to the community.

  • Each hour of work is equivalent to $10 paid in fines.

 How Do I Enroll?

There are 4 steps to enrolling in the ECOSLO Community Service Program.  Everything you need to enroll is right here in our self-enrollment center (simply scroll down this page). You may, however, stop by the ECOSLO office on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays between the hours of 10am – 2pm or call and make an appointment with the Office Administrator if you prefer to enroll in person.
Submit the following forms and photocopies to ECOSLO via fax, mail, email or you may come to the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 10am and 2pm.
Please note the office will be closed September 23 – 30.   
Email or call and we will return your message on Tuesday, October 3.  Thank you!

Students Looking for Community Service Hours

Local students who need community service hours that are not required by a court order, do not need to apply or pay a fee. Please call ECOSLO for opportunities or check our calendar and join us for one our workdays.


Step 1 - Submit CSW Agreement Form

Fill out the Community Service Worker Agreement Form.

This form can be emailed, mailed, faxed, or delivered to ECOSLO.

Step 2 - Submit Liability Form

Fill out the Community Service Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Form.

This form can be emailed, mailed, faxed, or delivered to ECOSLO.


Step 3 - Submit Case Summary

Provide a copy of your Court Arraignment Minute Order or Case Summary to ECOSLO.  For out-of-county court cases, please contact ECOSLO.


Step 4 - Pay the $60 administration fee

The fee can be paid through our online payment system or in person by cash or or money-order.

ECOSLO will not report community service hours until the fee has been paid.

Note: You don’t need a PayPal account. Just click “Don’t have a PayPal account” to pay with credit card.

Am I eligible for the ECOSLO Community Service Program?

You can become a Community Service Worker if you have mandated hours of community service or are working off a fine for minor, non-violent offenses (traffic violations, minor misdemeanors). Your sentence cannot involve convictions of a violent or menacing nature, convictions of a sexual nature, convictions of theft or burglary, or weapons charges.

How Do I Track My Time?

Download and print the ECOSLO Timesheet, and bring it with you when you volunteer.  It is your responsibility get your timesheet signed each shift and to submit your hours to ECOSLO.

Out-of-county cases can volunteer through ECOSLO but must self-report their hours to the appropriate court.

Timesheets must be submitted to ECOSLO by the 14th and the last day of every month.

Please notify ECOSLO if you plan to pay the balance of your fee.

For further questions, please contact ECOSLO at (805) 544-1777 or email

*Please mail to ECOSLO, PO Box #1014, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

**Please fax to 805-544-1871

***Please hand deliver to 246 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo. We are in the office from 10:00AM-2:00PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays or you can drop off your timesheet in the gray box outside the front office door.




Where Do I Volunteer?

You can work at any of the ECOSLO-approved non-profit organizations listed here.  You can also volunteer with any church or religious organization.

It is your responsibility to contact your organization of choice, to schedule your work, and to conduct yourself within their guidelines.