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9:00 am SLO City Ranger Workday @ Irish ... @ Irish Hills
SLO City Ranger Workday @ Irish ... @ Irish Hills
Mar 25 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Volunteers assist City of SLO Rangers twice per month on specific sections of the open space in need of maintenance. All workdays run from 9am to 12pm. Rain cancels. Meet at the Trailhead listed. Bring[...]
9:00 am ECOSLO Hike at Lemon Grove Loop @ Lemon Grove Loop at Cerro San Luis
ECOSLO Hike at Lemon Grove Loop @ Lemon Grove Loop at Cerro San Luis
Mar 26 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Meet Katie at the Cerro San Luis Trailhead to hike the Lemon Grove Loop. End times are approximate. PLEASE NOTE: • Rain cancels hikes. Go to for info on trail closures. • Contact ECOSLO with[...]
5:30 pm San Luis Obispo’s 1st Annual Vil...
San Luis Obispo’s 1st Annual Vil...
Mar 31 @ 5:30 pm – Apr 2 @ 3:00 pm
The SLO VBC will be a phenomenal community building event filled with neighborhood-improving permaculture projects that include street murals, front-yard gardens, live music, and much more! Each day of the convergence at sites all around[...]
8:00 am Hike w/ ECOSLO at Laguna Lake @ Laguna Lake
Hike w/ ECOSLO at Laguna Lake @ Laguna Lake
Apr 1 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Adventures with Seth, time to smile while outside! To get to the trailhead: From the 101 Freeway in San Luis Obispo, exit on Madonna Road and head west for half a mile. Turn right on Dalidio[...]
8:00 am Hike w/ ECOSLO at South Hills @ South Hills
Hike w/ ECOSLO at South Hills @ South Hills
Apr 8 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Adventures with Dale! Meet up with Dale at the South Hills Trailhead. South Hills Trailhead directions: From Highway 101, exit on Madonna Road and head northeast for 1/4 of a mile to Higuera Street. Turn[...]
9:00 am Sinsheimer Park Tree Planting @ Sinsheimer Park
Sinsheimer Park Tree Planting @ Sinsheimer Park
Apr 8 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Volunteer for the Sinsheimer Park Tree Planting! Meet at the end of Sydney St., South of Johnson Ave Bring a shovel and plant a native tree! Contact Lionel for more information.
9:00 am SLO City Ranger Workday @ Reserv... @ Reservoir Canyon
SLO City Ranger Workday @ Reserv... @ Reservoir Canyon
Apr 8 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Volunteers assist City of SLO Rangers twice per month on specific sections of the open space in need of maintenance. All workdays run from 9am to 12pm. Rain cancels. Meet at the Trailhead listed. Bring[...]
6:00 pm ECOSLO 45th Anniversary Celebrat... @ iFixit
ECOSLO 45th Anniversary Celebrat... @ iFixit
Apr 8 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
ECOSLO 45th Anniversary Celebration: Empowering a Sustainable SLO County @ iFixit | San Luis Obispo | California | United States
ECOSLO Anniversary Celebration! 45 years of empowering a sustainable San Luis Obispo County Gather with long-time and new ECOSLO friends to celebrate 45 years of environmental advocacy, education, and action!  Doors open at 6pm on[...]
9:00 am Board of Supervisors Hearing On ... @ Board of Supervisors Chambers
Board of Supervisors Hearing On ... @ Board of Supervisors Chambers
Apr 11 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Oak Woodland Ordinance and Native Tree Urgency Ordinance has been postponed, from the original time on March 21st to April 11th. The public hearing notice was not released according to legal requirements, and this[...]
1:00 pm SLO City Ranger Led Hike @ Irish Hills
SLO City Ranger Led Hike @ Irish Hills
Apr 16 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ranger led hikes are a great way to learn more about the open spaces you enjoy.  Rangers cover topics from flora and fauna to local history of open spaces.  These hikes are also a great way[...]

March hike with Chris: Felsman Loop

Felsman Loop hike, 3/18/2017 Lead: Chris; Sweep: Evan On Saturday, March 18 the Felsman Loop hike was attended by 12 engaged, enthusiastic hikers and three well-behaved dogs on leash.  After some introductory discussion about ECOSLO and its relationship with the City of SLO’s Natural Resources program, as well as potential hazards along the trail, we set off from the Patricia Drive trailhead a few minutes after 9:00 AM.  Although low clouds obscured the view of Bishop Peak, the group’s spirits were high as we ascended towards the cattle pond, which was full to the brim for the first time in years.  Early topics of discussion included the coast live oak woodland and how vibrant the trees look thanks to all the rain this winter; and of course, wildflowers and other native plants.  In this regard we were lucky to have Evan’s expertise on the hike.  A partial list of species identified includes California buttercup, golden-yarrow, Indian paintbrush, sticky monkeyflower, hummingbird sage, checkered mallow, shooting star, filaree, and blue dicks.  Additional topics of discussion along the trail included the geology of the morro’s and SLO County, and locations where dacite quarried from Bishop Peak over 100 years ago can be seen in the downtown area.  Toward the end of the hike, the group split in two, with one group preferring to spend some extra time on plant identification.  By noon, the clouds had even cleared enough that Bishop’s summit crags were visible from the trailhead.  All in all, everyone seemed very happy and it was a successful...

March hike with Seth: Reservoir Canyon

Saturday, March 4, 8:00AM, Reservoir Canyon One brave hiker joined me for a hike through Reservoir Canyon.  We started off the hike by taking our shoes off and crossing the creek and then headed up the hill checking out all the beautiful wildflowers and the green, rolling hills.  The new Loop Trail was phenomenal and held up well even after all the wet weather we have had.  We made it up to the top and were rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding morro’s and...

December SLO Stewards hike with Seth: Laguna Lake

The morning started off a little bit chilly, but as the group progressed under the nice crisp blue skies we warmed up!  It was a good group of six participants, a couple of who had never been to Laguna Lake before.  Seth, the lead volutneer SLO Stewards docent for this hike, always finds it fun to show participants new spots and share information about the surrounding area. The group was rewarded with sweeping views of the morro’s and surrounding valleys as well as listening to the birds chirp away – there was even a few wildflowers still...

August Hike with Jan, Felsman Loop

I was joined by four hikers at 7:00 am on a foggy Saturday morning. Two were locals and two were from the Bay Area.  All were enthusiastic hikers.  We set off for the the Felsman Loop.  It’s a trail with moderate elevation gains and a distance of about 2.7 miles.  Lucky for us we had a botanist who was also well-versed in critters, too.  We had a nice easy hike with many stops to investigate some very large beetles and pill bugs that were leaving interesting tracks on the trail.  Ants were busy harvesting seeds and carrying them back to the nest.  Mountain mahogany tails were putting on a display.  The highlight of the day was fishing for spiders!  We found several spider holes in the trail that had a thin layer of web at the entrance to trap unsuspecting creatures.  We stuck a grass stem down the hole and the spider grabbed it.  We all jumped and laughed at the same time! Jan...

July Hike with Seth – Irish Hills, Prefumo Canyon

Upon arrival of our group hike it was foggy with a slight mist, perfect weather for hiking. Seven of us started up the Bog Thistle trail. We were rewarded with a few of the rare plants on of the first bridges. Which was definitely a good stopping point for everybody to take a break and look at the view. We made it up to the top and pretty good time and were rewarded with views of the morros and surrounding valleys. I am glad that we got an early start as the sun started to come out we only encountered one other hiker the whole 3 hours that we were out there which was super nice it was kind of like our own Paradise. Great group of people....

July Hike with Jan – Reservoir Canyon

I met up with two enthusiastic hikers for an early 7:00 am start up Reservoir Canyon on Saturday, July 16.  It was a bit foggy when we started.  By the time we got to the eucalyptus trees the fog had cleared on the east side of the canyon.  Great views of East Cuesta Ridge!  I am sad to report the swing needs some work.  Looks like one of the ropes broke.  We got to the top with a few “catch our breath” breaks.  Once on the top we discovered the fog was still thick over San Luis.  No spectacular views, but we did enjoy a little break at the stone circle seat.  On the way down we were on trash duty.  Finding toilet paper, bagged doggie poop, and more, we want to remind folks to use the “pack it in pack it out” method – whatever you bring into our beautiful open spaces, be sure to take it out....

April Hike with Seth – Johnson Ranch

We started off the morning with 12 smiling hikers and one happy dog. We went up the trail counter clock wise, stopping to identify wildflowers and tell some history of the area. There was not much foot or bike traffic that morning, as I am sure the fog kept people inside later. It was perfect for us as we got into the miles of hiking, the birds were chirping, the wildflowers were popping up everywhere. We identified 16 types of flowers out there on trail and in the fields. We picked up all the trash out there, one of the younger kids even went into poison oak to get a bottle (sorry yankees hat deep in poison oak) We spoke with multiple people on trail, helping to identify wildflowers and tell them what we were doing and to join us in the future. We finished strong as a group, doing 3.6 miles, the sun came out and we said our goodbyes…Great group of people. Thanks and happy trails!...

April Hike with Jan – Felsman Loop

We had a very fun and educational hike on the Felsman Loop on Sunday, April 10.  New docent Dale brought one of my favorite plant ID books, Wildflowers of San Luis Obispo, CA, edited by David J. Keil, PH.D.  Also along were two others who had a great interest in learning more about the flora of the area.  We started our hike at 9:00, cool and overcast.  We saw one of the few things we couldn’t identify at the beginning of our hike.  A medium-large, big, fat grayish-brown bird.  The rest of the trip was more successful in identifying plants, trees and shrubs.  A total of 54!  Dale had his book open for most of the 2.5 mile hike.  We stopped so many times to identify plants we were gone for three hours.  It was very warm and sunny by the time we returned. I think my favorite plant find was skull cap.  A very well-behaved little plant with small purple flowers.  We had one more bird that stumped us on the way down.  I looked it up when I got home and found we were observing a Spotted Towhee.  A very beautiful and distinctive bird.  All in all, another great day out on the trail with good companions! Photo 1 is us looking at cows playing on the hillside.  Photo 2 is us looking at a vernal pond at the base of Bishop Peak. ~Jan...

Seth takes Cub Scouts and their parents for a Hike at Reservoir Canyon

Smiles all Day, and beautiful blue skies! Great start to our hike, everyone was there before me, an early group always makes me smile. We started off with introductions and a few safety rules, we then walked down to the waterfall to clean up the trash and admire the views. Finished with a few minutes of stretches and we were off up the trail. Progressing up the trail with a group of 14 people, many trash bags and 1 dog, saying hello to all who passed us. We were privileged to see so many types and colors of wildflowers along the trails and green hillsides. There were lots of people on the trail, for the most part the dog owners had the dogs on leash.  We did have to educate a few people as to why they need to stay on leash. Swinging underneath the old shaded trees among the iron artwork and green rolling hills was a great chance to tell some history and pick up lots of broken glass. Some people used that as the turn around point and the rest of us headed up to the top of the Mountain. We made it it there and sat in the awesome stone circle, eating snacks, admiring views of the various valleys and Morro’s surrounding us. We made it down in great time, the Cub Scouts were running down the hills with me dodging the low trees. We picked up every piece of trash we could see along the way. We stopped at the waterfall to check out the view and history and then departed to enjoy the...
Reservoir Canyon – February 13th

Reservoir Canyon – February 13th

  What an absolutely stunning day to take a great group of 22 out for a hike and one of my favorite open space areas of San Luis Obispo. The morning started off great, as we got to the parking lot and had enough spots for our group. We had 4 kids under the age of 9 with 2 dogs, a couple grandparents and some new people who had never been on the trail before. We also had a few Docents-in-training in the mix, which was nice as this was my biggest group by myself on a 6 mile hike with various skill levels . We even had a ranger with us which I absolutely loved as he informed the people who have their dogs off leash that they cannot do that. As we started we ended up in different groups, some going really quick and others going at a decent pace and then the last group checking out all of the flowers popping up as well as any wildlife. I was running between all the groups making sure everybody was good. We all took a good break at the awesome big tree with amazing views and some tin teepees, while taking turns on the swing it was at this point that a family of 9 decided that they were going to go enjoy the day and come back and tackle this another day. The rest of us headed up to the top to check out the amazing views of all the valleys and Morros, unfortunately there was fog or a fire going on to the north which was creating...

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