About SLO Stewards

The City of San Luis Obispo contracts with ECOSLO to educate and engage with the community about the importance of open space, and to encourage community members to use and care for our natural resources.


Collaboration with the City of San Luis Obispo

This unique collaboration give us the opportunity to orchestrate trail maintenance workdays and host ECOSLO docent-led hikes.  Both the County and City of SLO have come to rely on ECOSLO staff time and volunteers to support park and trail projects.


About the SLO Stewards Docent-led Hikes

The SLO Stewards Program started in 1996 out of a collaboration between the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO) and the City of San Luis Obispo’s Natural Resources Protection Program. The goal of the program was to empower citizens to help in restoration and management of the community’s open spaces.

The program started as a pilot in Winter of 2000, the first of its kind for the City of SLO.  The program continued with a group of dedicated docents, but dwindled to just two volunteers by the Winter of 2013. With a grant from The Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo, ECOSLO was able to have it’s first Docent training in many years. Five smart, fun, and passionate volunteers graduated from the program in November 2014.

The expansion of the program allows for more monthly hikes, and the opportunity to reach more of San Luis Obispo’s community members.

View a PDF of the current SLO Stewards docent-led hiking schedule or visit the ECOSLO calendar.

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